If aliens ever invade New Zealand, I want them to land right in the middle of a Matt Mulholland show...

Matt Mulholland is a New Zealand born Comedian, Musician, Videographer and Writer.

Performing and creating his whole life, Matt started a YouTube channel in 2009 which has since become extremely popular with his view count reaching over 18,000,000. 

After studying at the New Zealand School of Music, Matt worked as a professional musician for a few years, before shifting his focus towards comedy. Since then, he has set out to take over the world with musical comedy, standup, viral internet videos, and a slightly above average Spaghetti Bolognese recipe.

His sell out show 'Matt Mulholland: Beyond Emotion', won him awards in the 2011 New Zealand International Comedy Festival, and lead on to multiple live and televised comedy specials, where he performed along side such acts as Flight of the Conchords, Greg Proops, Jimeoin, David O'Doherty, and Rhys Darby, to name a few. 

Matt's creations have received global acclaim and have been used on TV, radio, and blogs across the world, including GV TV's Web Soup (USA), FUJI TV (Japan), TOSH.O (Blog), and Comedy Central series 'Olympico' (NZ/AUZ).     

With two albums, over 100 videos, countless live performances, and a fast growing online fan base, Matt Mulholland is only just getting started.

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