My EP release!

Oh my god. After months of working super hard, and a few weeks of dicking around, my new EP 'Heroes of the Night' is finally ready for release!

Tuesday the 10th of September will see the release of the EP and a new music video from the EP, titled 'I Fucking Love You'. It's all going to be available for free from my Bandcamp, but it's also got a pay what you want option. So if you want to give me your money, which I highly encourage, you can totally do that. 

I've hired out a screen at the Paramount Cinema in Wellington for a real life release party. I did it mainly so I can watch my video on a big screen, but also because I wanted an excuse to wear my new suit. 

You can come if you want to!

 - Paramount Cinema, Courtenay Place, Wellington

- 8.15pm start for an 8.30pm screening

- Hang out afterwards  

- Formal dress encouraged

It's gonna be awesome as fuck.  

That's it from me, I'll either see you on the 10th in real life or on the YouTubes, with the release of the video 'I Fucking Love You' and the EP 'Heroes of the Night'. 

Awesome. Getting shit done. 



Wakachangi - "Quite nice beer"

Over the last year or so, I've had the opportunity to do some work with Leigh Hart, one of New Zealand's greatest TV personalities. If you're unaware of his show, Moon TV, fix your life now and watch this video. I'll wait.

Glorious. Fucking glorious.  

Anyway, I've been a big Moon TV fan since I was a young whipper snapper, snapping at whips, and among the literal shit ton of skits they have (Speedo Cops, The Hamsterman from Amsterdam, Bookzone), one of my favourite clips was about the Waikato River. The Old Wakachangi. The Old Misty.  

Over in Dubai, my bass player and I would regularly have a back and forth on the various names of The Wakachangchang. You know those jokes that never die and just keep getting better the more you do it? This was one of them.  

A couple of weeks ago, Leigh asked me if I would be interested in writing a theme song to go with a release of a new beer that his company was brewing and distributing.

The name of that beer was Wakachangi.

Because I'm a cool ass mother, It's not that often that I get really excited about things. I like to think of myself like Poochie, from The SimpsonsWhen I got the email I was more like that kid that got a Nintendo 64 for Christmas.

After cleaning up all the tears and semen, I got to work.  A bit of a back and forth to figure out the genre and lyrics, and a few failed attempts later, the end result was this:


That video is made up of various clips of the release parties they had around New Zealand. Unfortunately I coudn't make any because they didn't come to Wellington, and because I have a job like a sucker, but it looked like a bitching time was had by all.  

Once I get my hands on a cold Wakachingchang I'll let you know how god damn delicious it is. Gonna have to give up on my sobriety pact for a night or two, but I'm OK with that.

Everything in moderation. Especially moderation. 

That's it for now, I just wanted to share how stoked I am to be able to be part of an important piece of New Zealand history like this. 

Fucking awesome.  




Free music for all!

You can now download all of my original music for free/pay what you want. Hit the music tab to the left to be taken to the magical land of downloads.

I don't know why I didn't do this earlier. It was either because of some reason I can't remember, or laziness, or maybe I'm just a greedy son of a gun. Either way, quit your bitching cause here it is!

To celebrate, I've re-released 'Love Will Find It's Way (In You)', because it turns out it wasn't anywhere. 

Have an outstanding day.