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Going for the singer-songwriter look here.
Scene from the NZ premiere of 'Cry Baby - The Musical.' We wanted to plug the guitar in, but the tech admin behind it was going to be a nightmare
This is from a gig in London a few years back. I don't know what I'm singing, but it looks intense.
Playing piano in my old house! It used to be a naval base in Wellington, NZ. Good times.
I really like this photo - I'm performing in my old primary school hall for some sort of community festival. You can't see, but the rest of the crowd is filled with exhausted parents and caregivers.
I'm smiling at you.
Taken from the first workshop performance for a new musical I'm writing.
Recording my first studio album. Look at the intensity.
Another shot from the studio. We put the lights up intentionally for the photos.
An old flatmate of mine had a sweet film camera and was like "I'M GONNA TAKE A PHOTO OF YOU!" - It looks staged, but I really did sit there and play guitar most days.
Another shot from the NZ Premiere of 'Cry Baby - The Musical'. Prison break scene. Classic.
10 year age gap between us. Ah, the stage.
Performing at an outdoor festival in NZ
I only just noticed how cool the reflection is on this photo. Awesome.
One of the many bedroom studios I've had over my life.
Making stuff in the YouTube Studios!
Double mood.
Pretending I'm a clothing model.
I just think this is a cool shot.
Cool colours.
You have the power. If only you believe.
I remember the ground being wet here.
One of the many times I've worn lederhosen and sung for an Oktoberfest crowd. A good time.
All smiles. Also the photo I used for the cover of 'I Think We Should Date' - ooo trivia!
This is my natural stance.
I think this one was taken from my first Sofar Sounds gig... I think.
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